Casa Capri Recovery gives women the best possible chance at long-term recovery without relapse. Casa Capri offers a sober living program that provides a comfortable, safe, and positive environment. The nurturing, yet structured, living arrangement supports women in developing and maintaining the skills learned in treatment. Women continue to learn how to manage their unique issues while building the support system necessary to achieve abstinence from unhealthy behaviors. All aspects of the Casa Capri lifestyle promote a healthy and productive recovery experience. Our goal is to provide the best possible living situation so that all of our clients have the very best opportunity to leave unhealthy behaviors behind.

Welcome to Casa Capri Recovery, Sober Living in Orange County, Southern California
Sober living safe environment with woman-only support.

Our Philosophy

Casa Capri clients are treated with respect and dignity — a lifestyle supporting the mind, body and spirit. We provide a safe environment with female-only peer support. The “structured freedom” of Casa Capri allows women to deal with issues such as body image, self-esteem, domestic violence, and childrearing as they relate to recovery. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that women in early recovery are at risk for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. With this in mind, Casa Capri offers a warm and secure environment that fosters a healthy outlook.

Relationships with house managers are based upon trust, bonding and shared experiences. While some sober living arrangements focus solely on addiction, we offer a nurturing refuge where women can recover from addiction, disordered eating, codependency, and toxic relationships. We are a bridge from inpatient treatment to independent living. We support women and provide the needed structure and accountability during the crucial transition from treatment to independent living.

Daily Living

The pressures of family, work, school, and the real world can seem overwhelming for the newly sober woman. Casa Capri reduces these stressors to manageable levels by offering a supportive/structured environment where residents build  healthy, progressive lives. Part of this support and encouragement comes from participation in the local recovery community; residents are required to attend self-help meetings.

We also believe that dealing with daily stress requires a woman to develop new coping skills. This is accomplished through the combined strength of the other women and in the shared experiences possible in our unique peer-to-peer living arrangements. We believe that addictions begin with choices, so it’s vital for individuals to hone the necessary skills to make the right choices. A resident shared, “I learned a lot about myself in treatment and I left there with some new tools. Basically, I’m learning how to handle triggers and deal with people sober.”

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Supportive & structured environment that build healthy, progressive lives.
Expectations assist in maintaining recovery and encourage growth and progression in the recovery process.


Expectations are designed to assist the client in maintaining their recovery and to encourage growth and progression in the recovery process. Additional rules and structure may be needed on a case-by-case basis if appropriate. All rules and guidelines are based on the idea of establishing communication skills that are direct, clear, and honest. Residents learn to express feelings and live by rules that are flexible and appropriate to change. The program’s guidelines are designed to be a natural link to the larger society and each client’s goals and plans.

We believe that picking up a new passion, hobby or behavior is instrumental to recovery. With this in mind, we strongly encourage women to get out there and enjoy the many cultural and recreational opportunities available in the local community.

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Why Casa Capri

Southern California provides the perfect backdrop for women in recovery. Casa Capri Recovery is centrally located in beautiful Costa Mesa, a hip coastal community. Just a block away from the campus are a yoga studio, boutique shopping, and dining. Nearby are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, along with various recreation and entertainment activities, numerous colleges and universities and an abundance of employment opportunities. Southern California is home to a vast recovery community and is one of the most supportive and nurturing environments for the recovering woman.

Casa Capri Recovery is composed of a main campus with eight residences adjacent to one another. The residences offer both private and semi private rooms, all of which are designed to promote a strong community based on frequent peer-to-peer interaction. The complex is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, and has the collaborative and nurturing vibe that many recovering individuals find helpful on the path of recovery. Unlike some sober living arrangements, Casa Capri offers the perfect balance of peer interaction and privacy.

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Southern California provides the perfect backdrop for women in recovery. Casa Capri Recovery is centrally located in beautiful Costa Mesa, a hip coastal community.

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